Why Blog?

Purpose of this blog? No single purpose but rather multipurpose.

First and foremost I will use it as a journal and try to make a weekly entry focussing on how LTS is taking forward the learning and technology agenda in Scotland through the two main programmes we are managing – Glow and the Schools ICT Programme (formerly NGfL). I will probably make this my contribution to the LTS Corporate Management Team blog as well. I hope that over time I can start to provide some insights into how LTS works for my colleagues and for an external audience.

Secondly, I hope to take the opportunity to reflect on some broader education issues and how these impact on Scottish Education and LTS.

Thirdly, I want to pick up some more random stuff on movies, music, culture, news, websites, books, friends, places etc.

At the moment I am working with my LTS colleagues Graham Wilson and Scott Ogilvie to improve the look and functionality of my blog. I hope to be able to establish a template that makes it easy for large numbers of my colleagues to blog.

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