Do it Be it!

do it - be it
In my role at LTS I get the chance to meet lots of business people who are interested in finding out more about education in Scotland. These meetings are useful from my point of view as they help us to stay ahead of developments and inform our Learning and Technology strategy. Hopefully they are also useful for the business people and most importantly might lead to schools, teachers and learners getting better designed products.
I recently met with Loiuse McDonough a young entrepreneur from Fife. Louise has set up a company called do it – be it. She has developed a range of products that are designed to help people to ‘succeed in all walks of life, to motivate, inspire’ etc. The focus of her work is very much study skills, sport and fitness, health & well being and a healthier working life.
I was impressed by Louise’s enthusiasm and vision and very interested in the ‘Learn It DoBe’ product. This MP4 player sells at £50 and is effectively a 2Gb iPod Nano which comes preloaded with a range of audio files covering everything from study skills to relaxation techniquies. Well worth a look!
My colleague Derek Robertson is going to try a few out in partnership with a Dundee Council school and I am sure he will publish the results on his hotmilkydrink blog and elsewhere.


  1. sharon mcquillan (previously mcdonald)

    Sounds interesting. I wonder if it would inspire my 17 year old son, who is soon to be sitting highers to ‘study’ more? His idea of doing so at the moment, is lying on his bed whilst listening to music on his ipod, whilst playing his guitar, with his pc switched on in order for him to study.
    I know that today’s ‘young people’ are credited with being more multi-tasking than us oldies, but is ‘all’ this really possible?
    Would he listen to ‘study skills’ from this device? He certainly doesn’t want to listen to me!

  2. Hi Sharon, skimming the web for any mention of us this week I found this blog…my co-director Louise meets so many amazing and helpful people I never know where we’ll find ourselves next.

    Interesting that your son switches his PC on with the intension of using it to study and then loses both time and focus in his iPod.
    Students ‘switching on’ is one of the great mysteries of modern time for many people…how do we know where the ‘on’ button is inside their, often complex and clever minds?
    We believe that while a large chunk of the answer can be found in the world they live in…and I mean the world THEY live in; technology, gaming, music, socialising and so on…another large chunk is in our ability to get in there beside them and recognise both their fears and their dreams, taking them by the hand and leading them through the lessons needed to own up to both. To take responsibility for their own actions, successes and their failures and ultimately their own learning far beyond the reaches of peer acceptance and credibility.
    Take his iPod for instance, does it offer your son an excuse not to study or is it that study is not a consideration and this is just a preferable way to spend his time?. Is this a way of hiding from his fears over study, learning and his exams or is he just ‘switched off’ and finds it easier to switch the things on around him that make it look as though he is trying?
    The Do Be support system, consisting of motivational Training, pod casting, visual web support and most specifically our MP4 Learn-It is designed to encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own learning through a medium they are ‘switched on’ to. Something that eases the emotional ups and downs and helps them to understand what is required of them at this time. The content has been designed to take a very informal and honest approach to subjects such as study skills, creativity, leadership and so on, getting into ‘their world’ and working with them.

    As for not listening to you I know from my experience both personaly and with the pupils I work for that a vast majority of what a caring and conscientious parent says will in fact sink in and will be mulled over under the guise of a battle hardened and uncaring teenager.

    I know this post is a little late for your sons Highers and we hope he is doing well. I’m sure he will have picked up everything he needed to pass.

    Should you require anything from us in the future please do not hesitate to contact me.

  3. Laurie this seems really interesting. Before I started my secondment at LTS I used textaloud MP3 to convert text into MP3 revision notes for my Higher PE pupils which was relatively simple to do but the voice was extremely irritating. I also played around with using audacity to record the files. I like the sound of the package being offered here. Being a from a PE Background I am also interested to find out about the sports specific packages. I will speak to Derek to find out some more.

  4. anonymous

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