Recognising Professionalism 2: Norman Drummond

Norman Drummond
Going to work in the dark and traveling home in the dark is just one of the many challenges of living in northern Europe in the Winter. It is in this context that I want to post about a meeting I had on Tuesday 19 December with Norman Drummond founder of Columba 1400

My meeting was at 0900 in Edinburgh and I left home just before 7, having scraped a thick layer of ice from my windscreen before I could drive to Dundee station to get the 0713 train. That Tuesday morning also coincided with a very rare Monday night night out for me and my was body telling me that it needed the Xmas break to start soon.

After 10 minutes sitting in Norman’s front room in Edinburgh’s New Town I felt completely relaxed and I have to say revitalised. I walked back to Waverley station a couple of hours later with a spring in my step and a wide smile on my face. How did he do it? I am not quite sure but he is certainly a great listener with fabulous people skills and a depth of professional experience to draw on … but it was more than that. Maybe it was the way he smiles with his eyes? Anyway I felt quite inspired by him in a way that I have very rarely experienced before.

An amazing character, Norman was appointed as headteacher of Loretto in Musselburgh at the age of 32. By this time he already had his red beret from the paratroop regiment and served as a chaplain with the Black Watch.
I have just finished his book ‘The Spirit of Success’ and hope to post on this over the next week.

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  1. He certainly is an amazing character – his company website shows it’s no easy trip in his business ventures either. What is it that drives him forward? How did your friendship come about?