What are the chances?

Got selected for jury duty today at Dundee Sheriff Court. This is not much of a surprise as I have been called four times and never selected so it was just a matter of time. The real surprise is that my colleague Derek Robertson not only had a citation for the same day but was selected for the same jury. I was picked out 2nd and Derek was 4th out of the 15.

The one good thing about jury duty (apart from the important civic duty that it represents) is that I have a very good reason for not driving to Glasgow on Friday. It’s one thing to have a rail strike but quite another to have no trains north of Stirling.

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  1. I’ve found that getting a new job that involves immediate foreign travel is acceptable as a reason for excusing one from jury duty in the Sheriff Court. They’ll get me eventually though, I guess. Pity the poor sod that gets judged by a combination of you and Derek!! Only kidding…. 😉