Although I am a visiting professor of learning innovation and technology at the University of Abertay I am not a professional academic researcher.

Between 2009 and 2013 my main research projects were around product, market and competitor analysis for clients in the area of educational technology. Since then I have completed two independent evaluations of Scottish Government funded projects (Nesta – Digital Creativity & PLAN C) as well as research commissioned by 4J Studios and Northwood Trust to identify new approaches to securing positive post-school destinations for local school leavers (Tay Cities Future Skills College).

Nesta Digital Creativity  Project
In 2013/14 I led an independent evaluation of a Nesta project  (Scottish Government funded) that explored professional development models for teachers seeking to promote ‘Digital Creativity’ in the classroom. This project was extended into 2014/15 and was asked to continue as project evaluator.

PLAN C – Professional Development for Computing Teachers
In 2014/15 I also led the independent evaluation of another Scottish Government funded project – Professional Learning and Networking for Computing. This highly innovative project is being managed by Computers at School Scotland (CASS) in association with the IT professional’s BCS Academy.

Tay Cities Future Skills College
Research included an initial landscape review followed by creation of an extensive partnership across public, private and third sector. College due to launch in May 2017. More detail to follow!