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Glow: Questions and Answers

I was interviewed last week by Nicola More of White Light Media - the company that does the journalism, design etc for our award winning Connected magazine. The theme was Glow and Nicola asked me some questions that had been rasied by our readers. The full text will appear within our ConnectedLive site but for the meantime here is a preview: Nicola You have been quoted as saying that Glow is the most ambitious education ICT project in the world. How are we doing so far? Laurie We are putting in place the world’s first national schools intranet, and that’s a.

Connected 17

Connected 17 Connected 17, the latest edition of LTS' ICT in education magazine/e-zine is now on its way to schools and available online. Connected has come a long way since it started off as the the official voice of the National Grid for Learning in Scotland in the spring of 2000 with Nick Morgan as the editor [some may remember Nick as the editor of the Scottish Virtual Teacher Centre (SVTC)]. Patricia Kemp Patricia Kemp, editor of the LTS online service, has also been the editor of Connected magazine/e-zine.