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Book: Education Nation 2

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="414" caption="Milton Chen of The George Lucas Educational Foundation"]Milton Chen of The George Lucas Educational Foundation[/caption] I promised to return to Milton Chen’s 'Education Nation' once I had taken the time to read it properly so here goes. This is book with an international flavour but its focus is on the largely dysfunctional US K-12 system.  Milton does not pull any punches in his description of the decline of  US schools from ‘first to worst’:
  • 6,000 high school students drop out every day
  • The US has fallen from 1st to 18th.

Visit to the USA – Overview

I spent last week in the States with my friend and colleague Andy Pendry, LTS Glow Technology Adviser . The purpose of our visit was to: •    Help develop our thinking on how we might evolve Glow over the next few years (Glow v2) •    Explore trends in the use of technology for learning •    Get a better understanding of how the educational landscape is changing in the US (and how that change is being managed and supported). •    Take the opportunity to the visit the George Lucas Educational Foundation and follow-up the recent recognition of Glow as a world leading educational programme. Our itinerary.