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InsideLearningTechnology Ep5: Permissions may vary

Inside Learning and Technology And another Inside Learning Tecnology podcast with Matthew Boyle of Inside Learning. This is starting to become a bit of a habit and one I am really enjoying. In Episode 5: Permissions may vary we discuss new approaches to learning and teaching, why teachers should be role models as learners, the challenges of filtering internet content for schools and my plan to upgrade from my 3 year old iPhone 3GS to a shiny new iPhone5 (which was announced while we were.

Holyrood Magazine – Fertile Minds

Holyrood I was interviewed recently by Keri Sutherland of Holyrood Magazine as a contribution to article she was writing on creativity in education. Full article under the title  'Fertile Minds' was published in the latest edition. See below a selection of quotes from me:
"... schools were designed for (a particular) age – we still haven’t moved on very much. We live in very rapidly changing times. I would argue we live in times that are changing more rapidly and more turbulently than has ever been the case in human history." “The.

DML 2012

dml2012-logo-sm Just coming to the end DML2012 and what has been a really interesting conference in San Francisco. I love the tagline 'Beyond Educational Technology' feels like where I have been trying to get to for last 25 years. This the third year of this event and it has grown into one of the main events in the calendar for those interested in the next generation of learning. More than that I think it will become the cultural home of a group of educators and academics looking to take innovative.


Wordle7I was asked this morning to provide a list of around 40 words about me that could be used to create an info-graphic for a website. I put them into the wonderful Wordle and the graphic above is what popped out (after adding a few duplicates the words at the top of my list by way of emphasis). I also provided the url of my blog and got something quite different. The size of 'Glow' makes me realise just how much the Scottish schools national intranet dominated my writing over.

Reality is Broken

Just finished reading Jane McGonigal's 'Reality is Broken on my Kindle. Lovely thoughtful and optimistic book that reaffirms the importance of games in human culture. As the title suggests her thesis is that the real world is broken - nothing new here.  However she goes on to argue that the resources we need to solve the world's great problems already.

John Hunter and ‘The World Peace Game’

Got this link from Colm Linnane, Scottish Book Trust Online Teacher in Residence - @colmsbt John Hunter is a brilliant teacher: humble; self-effacing; enabling; dedicated to improving learning; an inspirational role model. Can you just imagine the delight of being one of his 4th Graders learning through his '21st Century Wisdom Table'? Do you think he has to spend a lot of time dealing with disruption or managing student underachievement? Just think.

Charles Leadbeater: Education in the Slums

I love this TED Talk from Charles Leadbetter - who in my view is one of the best radical thinkers on the future of education. Charles covers a lot of ground including how the 19th Century Prussian ('Bismarckian') model of education that dominates the developed world is not scalable to the developing world. He also picks up on themes from Clay Christensen's 'Innovators Dilemma' and the contrast between incremental sustaining innovation. more

What is an expert?

In Outliers Malcolm Gladwell  suggests that opportunity plays a significant part in someone becoming an expert. He suggests that a 10,000 hour rule applies as much to the success of The Beatles (opportunity to play live 7 days a week in Hamburg) as to that of Bill Gates (opportunity to attend an elite school with a computer club followed by access to the University of Washington IT facilities).  Whether or not 10,000 hours is a magic number it strikes me that access to the best facilities and time to practice are essential. All the better if learning is.