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Glow Website Revamped

Our press officer Lee-Ann has just sent me a pdf of a small news article in today's  Herald with the above headline. This is really the Glow section of the LTS website (or what we call the LTS Online Service). It looks pretty good and the new sections 'Glow in Your Area', 'Glow in Action' and 'Learning about Glow' will continue to develop as the programme develops..


We Think The second book in my pile of books to read over the Summer was Charles Leadbeater's 'We-Think'. Charles is signed-up to be one of the keynote speakers at the LTS organised Scottish Learning Festival in September. The inside cover of the book describes Leadbeater as 'one if the world's leading authorities on innovation and creativity' so just what we need to inspire the 7,000 teachers and others who will be at SLF2008. I have enjoyed reading Leadbeater over many years and admire the way that he carefully constructs.

The Scottish Learning Festival 2008

SLF08 Keynote Speakers One of the great jobs I have in LTS is leading the Scottish Learning Festival. The event is now in it's 9th year and has evolved from being an exclusive ICT event into the major national showcase for Scottish Education. SLF2008 takes place over two days, 24 and 25 September, in Glasgow's SECC. This year the event will be opened by Cabinet Secretary Fiona Hislop and the SLF programme will feature international keynote speakers, 150 seminars and an exhibition of educational resources. The main theme of this year's.

Work Experience

The highlight of last week was having my 15 year old daughter on work experience with me. Apart from exposing her to a couple of very long days commuting between Broughty Ferry and Glasgow I think she really enjoyed it (but probably not half as much as I did). Her week included: * Meeting my boss, LTS Chief Executive Bernard McLeary to get an overview of the work of LTS. * Software testing/quality assurance for a virtual work experience product we are working on with Careers Scotland (now part of Skills Development Scotland). .

Stephen Heppell

Started yesterday morning by running to catch the 0636 train from Broughty Ferry to Glasgow and ended it back at Broughty Ferry station on the 1730 train from Edinburgh. Rather then feeling tired at the end of a busy day I felt full of energy and even more enthusiastic about the future of education than usual. It had been a pretty good day with lots of progress across a number of fronts - finances, documenting systems, project milestones, recruitment etc (important to get this stuff right if you want to deliver anything). I had also had a good 30 minute.

‘Edutopia’ Article for Global 6 Award

As part of the award I was asked to answer a few question for 'Edutopia' the front-end of the George Lucas Educational Foundation. Starts: O'Donnell describes the ups and downs of the Glow roll-out in his blog but his main lesson learned is about the importance of patience and good-faith collaboration: "The time it takes to take people with you is an investment for the future." Read the Q&A

How do you use the Web, or other technology, in your work?

At LTS, we use the Web for everything from publishing resources to.

George Lucas Educational Foundation: Global 6

It must be a quiet news day because I found myself featured in the newspapers this morning. The Scotsman newspaper had me joining the Global Elite and the Dundee Courier had an article claiming that ‘The Force is with Former Teacher’. I am used to reading about, seeing and hearing my ultra-high profile colleagues Derek Robertson (who I thought was just brilliant on BBC Breakfast, Radio 5 Live, BBC Manchester, BBC Scotland and Reporting Scotland last week) and the ubiquitous Ewan McIntosh (who has the energy.

Connected 20 – Glow Interview

Connected 20

I was interviewed recently on Glow by Whitelight Media for Connected 20. The questions came from our readers see below for my best attempt at answers. Viewpoint: Laurie O'Donnell

You have been quoted as saying that Glow is the most ambitious education ICT project in the world.

How are we doing so far? We are putting in place the world’s first national schools intranet, and that’s a very ambitious programme. Glow is an attempt.

East Dunbartonshire – Glow Switch On

I was invited to speak at the launch of Glow in East Dunbartonshire on Friday morning. The event took place in Douglas Academy, Milgavie, with over 200 guests including , pupils, council officials, elected members and headteachers from across the local authority. Apart from speeches the guests were entertained by some wonderful music performed by pupils from the school. We also had a demonstration of Glow Meet linking Douglas Academy with Baljaffray Primary School using desktop videoconferencing. I got the chance to visit a Standard Grade Physics class to see how the pupils were using Glow to support classroom learning. The.

Glow: Questions and Answers

I was interviewed last week by Nicola More of White Light Media - the company that does the journalism, design etc for our award winning Connected magazine. The theme was Glow and Nicola asked me some questions that had been rasied by our readers. The full text will appear within our ConnectedLive site but for the meantime here is a preview: Nicola You have been quoted as saying that Glow is the most ambitious education ICT project in the world. How are we doing so far? Laurie We are putting in place the world’s first national schools intranet, and that’s a.