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Scottish Learning Festival 2007

Started writing this on the train home to Dundee after a great couple of days at the Scottish Learning Festival at the SECC in Glasgow. Just getting around to publishing it this afternoon.

Some highlights of SLF for me were:

Michael Fullan’s keynote on the seven secrets of school improvement. I have always liked his work and the way he is able to draw on a wealth of experience from across the world, and in particular from his native Ontario, grounds his work in reality. The key message of his work is that sustainable improvement is not only possible but that there.


Scotland and the abolition of slavery

Scotland and the slave trade The bicentenary of the abolition of slavery has received a lot of coverage in the media over the last couple of weeks. Much has been made of Tony Blair’s failure to apologise or more accurately his failure to apologise properly. I am sure that the Government’s lawyers have advised him in the same way that car insurance companies advise us never to accept liability even if it was clearly our fault . There are I am sure times when this might be good advice but it tends to feed a view of.