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Pearson’s Five Things I’ve Learned: Andreas Schleicher


I recently bought the OECD publication 'Education at a Glance 2013' to help with a research/market analysis consultancy commission. As a result I appear to be on another mailing list and received  the OECD's glossy Observer magazine through the post last week. Overall it's a really good read but the article that I enjoyed the most was 'Lessons for Educators' by Andreas Schleicher (which turns out to be his contribution to Pearson's excellent 'The Five Things I've.

Stephen Heppell

Started yesterday morning by running to catch the 0636 train from Broughty Ferry to Glasgow and ended it back at Broughty Ferry station on the 1730 train from Edinburgh. Rather then feeling tired at the end of a busy day I felt full of energy and even more enthusiastic about the future of education than usual. It had been a pretty good day with lots of progress across a number of fronts - finances, documenting systems, project milestones, recruitment etc (important to get this stuff right if you want to deliver anything). I had also had a good 30 minute.