I have been aware of Twitter for the last couple of years – really since our then New Technologies for Learning national adviser Ewan McIntosh started to play around with it. As an infrequent blogger I decided to keep an eye on it but leave it for now.

Anyway signed up for an account a few weeks ago after watching Stephen Fry on the BBC website and within a couple of days was following (and being followed by) around 50 fellow twitters.

There appears to be a few people who are tweeting all the time and I find this quite facinating. Most of the people I follow seem to be seeking advice,  sharing significant stuff they have found on the web or just letting the rest of know what they are up to. All very interesting and tools such as TweetDeck let you filter out or in whatever you like.

Anyway I am really enjoying it and if you want to follow me I can be found at

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