Wii are the champions

After my day as a juror I managed to get my hands on a Nintendo Wii thanks to my fellow juror Derek.

Now watching two 10 year olds working their way through Wii sports and having so much fun. I am sitting with a glass of wine and every now and again I get invited to play. At the moment I can compete pretty well but experience tells me that by the end of the week they will have left me behind.

These two 10 year olds are 2nd generation digital natives; they don’t speak digital with an accent and they expect everybody else to be able to speak their language.

Anyway time to seize control of the Wii controller and get back to Wii Golf 🙂

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  1. That’s the problem with having a house full of digital natives! You are not allowed near the good stuff yourself!

  2. I spent some time in July with my 10-year-old nephew playing Wii tennis. It was amazing how much he loved playing it, how he designed avatars for each of his family members, and had mastered some of the Wii tricks, like how to hit the ball with spin. We need to adapt this kind of simulated experience to learning environments! I also believe we need to harness the excitement and motivation students have for sports and use that as a way into core subjects like maths, science, mathematics.