Bob Stone on Leadership

 Bob Stone

Bob Stone sent me an email earlier highlighting an article he has published recently on the website. Bob worked with Al Gore on the ‘reinventing government programme’ (see his book  ‘Confessions of a Civil Servant’ for this great story).  His latest article draws on his previous work and is entitled the ABC of Leadership.

I like what he  is saying around Authenticity, Buoyancy and Control. We need truthful leaders who have a vision  beyond covering their own backsides. Whilst I agree with Bob that the leader’s role is to set the standards I am not sure if ‘control’ is the best way of capturing the need to have a clear direction (mission) and to secure the right organisational culture. I think leading is more of an enabling than a controlling role. Enable is the default/proactive role so that control is only used on the rare occasion when you need to. Is this a question of personal style?

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