Since the summer of 2009 I worked as an independent consultant/adviser in the area of learning and technology futures; working with a range of public, private and not for profit organisations. I have worked for multinational IT corporations, small start-up companies and charities as well as national and local public sector organisations.

I have done a little bit of public speaking but prefer the role of trusted adviser working on long-term projects and programmes. I like to work with my clients to put any advice I offer into practice by building capacity and supporting change – rather than doing short ‘inspirational’ inputs or writing long-winded reports destined to gather dust with recommendations that will never be implemented.

In 2016 I took on a part-time role as Development Director (Future Learning) at Abertay University within the School of Design and Informatics (SDI). This has been my main role since then and have reduced my consultancy work.

My long-term contracts have included working as an independent consultant on Future Skills College a pre-apprenticeship pathway for young people, management adviser to Northwood Charitable Trust, educational technology expert for  Cisco Systems in India and the UK, communications adviser to the Educational Institute of Scotland  and consulting chief operating officer at The Memory Box Network – the home of Our Big Box which was a free online reminiscence platform for those caring for people with dementia.

I also hold the title of visiting Professor of Learning Innovation and Technology at the Abertay University Dundee – working within the School of Design and Informatics. Since November 2016 have been working as Director of Development (Future Learning) to support academic staff explore innovations in learning and teaching.

Since 2014 I have been involved in a couple of  startups and spent some time trying to get a new way of learning to read and write in English published as a series of playful apps. 

From July 2009 until January 2012 I was Associate Director at Futurelab UK. Since the organisation was taken over by NFER I have not been involved.

I was until June 2009  Director of Learning and Technology at Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS) [now Education Scotland] and led the Glow national schools intranet project as corporate director.

At LTS I had a wide ranging remit apart from Glow, including the LTS Online Service, Scottish Learning Festival and Corporate ICT support to LTS staff. I joined LTS in June 2001 as Head of Future Learning and Teaching and held the posts of Head of ICT Development, Director of ICT Development and Director of ICT before a reorganisation left me with the title Director of Learning and Technology.

Before LTS I was with Dundee City Council in the role of  having worked in schools for 13 years as secondary school teacher, head of department and school leader.

I also have had experience of local government as an elected member of Dundee District Council, serving as Convener of Community Services and Deputy Convener of Finance.

Following my masters degree in education I was invited to become an honorary fellow and part-time lecturer teaching the postgraduate MSc/MEd at the University of Edinburgh.

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