Lumiar Schools

Ricardo Semler

Ricardo Semler

I have been doing some work with Bristol based Futurelab and one of my roles involves exploring work undertaken by the Lumiar Institute of São Paulo in Brazil.

I attended the Learning and Technology World Forum in London in January and really enjoyed listening to Ricardo Semler the Chief Executive of SEMCO talking about the the achievements of the schools he helped to establish.

Ricardo Semler at Learning and Technology World Forum

Also enjoyed watched this lecture on Leading by Omission which can be found on MIT world.

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  1. Welcome back – Semler really has got it – He was highlight of this conference and he would be a terrific speaker for future SLF or similar – challenging contrast between Brazil and South American contribution to educational thinking and access to education across this continent. Many of their great ideas are not practiced at home – Semler one of the exceptions and with exceptional results .