Although I am a visiting professor of learning innovation and technology at the University of Abertay I am not a professional academic researcher.

Between 2009 and 2013 my main research projects were around product, market and competitor analysis for clients in the area of educational technology. Since then I have completed two independent evaluations of Scottish Government funded projects (Nesta – Digital Creativity & PLAN C) as well as research commissioned by 4J Studios and Northwood Trust to identify new approaches to securing positive post-school destinations for local school leavers  (Future Skills College).

Nesta Digital Creativity  Project
In 2013/14 I led an independent evaluation of a Nesta project  (Scottish Government funded) that explored professional development models for teachers seeking to promote ‘Digital Creativity’ in the classroom. This project was extended into 2014/15 and was asked to continue as project evaluator.

PLAN C – Professional Development for Computing Teachers
In 2014/15 I also led the independent evaluation of another Scottish Government funded project – Professional Learning and Networking for Computing. This highly innovative project is being managed by Computers at School Scotland (CASS) in association with the IT professional’s BCS Academy.

Future Skills College
I was commissioned by a two local businesses to investigate why Dundee had very low employment rates for young people aged around 18. I conducted extensive research and proposed scaling-up an example of effective practice. This became Future Skills College (FSC) which started off as independent charity based on an education business partnership. In 2021 FSC became fully integrated into the D&A College course choice options for senior phase school students.