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Charitable Giving

 UK Charitable Giving 58% of adults with a median donation of £11 per month (NCVO/CAF 2011)

Since joining The Memory Box Network earlier in the year I have been navigating my way through the ways of working of the charitable or third sector and finding it to be a fascinating journey. Although I have gained some private sector experience over the last four years my background is very much in the public sector. I am used to funding that tends to be a combination of.

Dementia: The Statistics

I have been working with Dundee-based technology start-up charity The Memory Box Network since April.  My professional background is in learning rather than healthcare but am really loving working in this new context. Over the last six months I have become increasingly convinced that digital memory boxes for reminiscence therapy (RT) have the potential to make a huge difference to those affected by dementia. The MBN was recently awarded a further £160k from Nominet Trust to take the concept to the next level - so watch this space! The statistics around dementia are absolutely.

Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong

There has been much controversy recently around how we measure success in the not-for-profit sector. I really like this TED Talk by Dan Pallotta which challenges conventional thinking in this area and suggests that we: focus on the scale of charities dreams rather than the size of their overheads. His argument picks-up five aspects where charities face what he calls 'discrimination' against the expectations and standards we have for the private sector: #1 Compensation Pallotta argues that salaries and bonuses that are associated with 'doing well for yourself' appear to be almost without.