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Weeknotes 4 July 2010: ISTE 2010

Living beside the sea on the sunny and (relatively rain free) east coast of Scotland means that on most Sunday mornings I can play golf. I was up as usual just before 6.30 but the rain was just too heavy for me today so a good opportunity to get back into blogging. It is hard to believe that last Sunday morning I was in transit between San Jose and Denver, having spent some time at Cisco's corporate HQ, on my way to the ISTE 2010 Conference. I have attended the ISTE annual conference in the past (when it was called.

Charles Leadbeater: Education in the Slums

I love this TED Talk from Charles Leadbetter - who in my view is one of the best radical thinkers on the future of education. Charles covers a lot of ground including how the 19th Century Prussian ('Bismarckian') model of education that dominates the developed world is not scalable to the developing world. He also picks up on themes from Clay Christensen's 'Innovators Dilemma' and the contrast between incremental sustaining innovation. more

Public Sector Summit – 3

I usually get stir crazy after a couple of days at a conference but yesterday afternoon’s plenary session really was inspirational. First up was Jorge Sampaio, this former president of Portugal and now elder statesman, who reminded us that we can’t take democracy for granted. As a student he struggled against the dictatorship in his country and today continues to work towards improving global citizenship, a cause that needs all of our support. Dr Narenddra Jadhav, Hon Vice Chancellor of Pune University in India was next. This former ‘untouchable’ has a wonderful story to tell of a rise from the lowest caste.

Public Sector Summit Day 2 – Stockholm

Having a very interesting second day at this event which has 450 delegates drawn from 45 countries. Some of the highlights for me were: Deputy Mayor of Stockholm Capital of Sweden is made up of 14 islands. There are 1.9m inhabitants in the region and 800k in the city itself (similar to greater Glasgow and the city itself?). Stockholm has 1,000 parks and broadband penetration rate is an impressive 98% (need to check if this is the same as broadband usage). It is also the home of the Nobel Prize. The city is using technology to become greener and safer with a focus on improving public services,.