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Code Hero

Just made a small donation and downloaded Code Hero from Primer Labs (thanks to Matt Seeney at Knowledge Nation for sharing the link). The concept behind Code Hero is quite simply that young people can extend their capabilities and have a better understanding of their world if they learn how to actively create rather than passively consume. Computer coding can provide a very powerful way into this world but is often difficult to get into and involves a very steep learning curve (Logo springs to mind as a notable exception from my days as.

Wii are the champions

After my day as a juror I managed to get my hands on a Nintendo Wii thanks to my fellow juror Derek. Now watching two 10 year olds working their way through Wii sports and having so much fun. I am sitting with a glass of wine and every now and again I get invited to play. At the moment I can compete pretty well but experience tells me that by the end of the week they will have left me behind. These two 10 year olds are 2nd generation digital natives; they don't speak digital with an accent and they expect.

Stephen Heppell on Computer Games

I spoke to Stephen at a Becta conference on 'Harnessing Technology' in Birmingham last week and want to bring him up to Scotland to work with us on our strategy. Stephen's blog is well worth reading, not just for the deep insights he offers but also for the important historical perspective that he contributes. I have copied one of Stephen's recent posts on computer games and learning as an excellent example of the quality of his thinking. Note the copyright to Stephen. ' Play to learn, learn to play'

The other day I was sitting in the cockpit of our boat, moored up at.