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Glow is ‘Out of This World’ – According to The Scotsman

Another good news story for Glow in this morning's 'Scotsman' newspaper. Fiona McLeod notes that the capabilities of Glow 'are proving to be out of this world for teachers who can use it find free resources and materials for school projects as wide ranging as The Vikings to the planets.' Lots of great stuff beginning to happen using Glow - some of which we could never have imagined when developing the idea. We still need to work hard to make sure that every learner and teacher in Scotland has the opportunity to take full advantage of what Glow.

More ‘Global 6’ Press Coverage

The press coverage of the George Lucas Education Foundation Award has been really amazing. My inbox has full of emails from former colleagues, friends and relatives. Must try to win awards more often as it's a great way to re-connect with the past :) Anyway I really liked this article in the Sunday Times last week (just in case you missed it) and thought it captured a little bit of what we are trying to do at LTS..

‘Edutopia’ Article for Global 6 Award

As part of the award I was asked to answer a few question for 'Edutopia' the front-end of the George Lucas Educational Foundation. Starts: O'Donnell describes the ups and downs of the Glow roll-out in his blog but his main lesson learned is about the importance of patience and good-faith collaboration: "The time it takes to take people with you is an investment for the future." Read the Q&A

How do you use the Web, or other technology, in your work?

At LTS, we use the Web for everything from publishing resources to.

George Lucas Educational Foundation: Global 6

It must be a quiet news day because I found myself featured in the newspapers this morning. The Scotsman newspaper had me joining the Global Elite and the Dundee Courier had an article claiming that ‘The Force is with Former Teacher’. I am used to reading about, seeing and hearing my ultra-high profile colleagues Derek Robertson (who I thought was just brilliant on BBC Breakfast, Radio 5 Live, BBC Manchester, BBC Scotland and Reporting Scotland last week) and the ubiquitous Ewan McIntosh (who has the energy.