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Steven Johnson – Where Good Ideas Come From #2

WGICFJust re-read this book and thought it was worth summarising the main points again. As I understand it Johnson's basic argument is that the roots of innovation often go beyond individual moments of inspiration. He identifies seven crucial themes, or environmental conditions, that are closely involved in the processes of innovation. In summary these are: The Adjacent Possible From genetics to YouTube, innovation requires the right environment and the component parts to be available. YouTube required broadband and Flash for an internet video service to be viable and developed in a very short period.

Steven Johnson – Where Good Ideas Come From

Made a very long overdue start today on one of the many books in my 'must read' pile,  'Where Good Ideas Come From' by Steven Johnson. Really enjoying it and thought this little video was a good introduction to what I think are very powerful insights. I love the way he elevates the role of the slowly incubating hunch over the eureka moment.  Johnson concludes with the observation that 'chance favours the connected mind' and in my.

Holyrood Magazine – Fertile Minds

Holyrood I was interviewed recently by Keri Sutherland of Holyrood Magazine as a contribution to article she was writing on creativity in education. Full article under the title  'Fertile Minds' was published in the latest edition. See below a selection of quotes from me:
"... schools were designed for (a particular) age – we still haven’t moved on very much. We live in very rapidly changing times. I would argue we live in times that are changing more rapidly and more turbulently than has ever been the case in human history." “The.

More On Innovation

Another interview with Merlin John on innovation at LTS. This time for Futurelab's online magazine. It sits well with the interview with Michael Hallisay in my previous post as a good description of what we were trying to do when I was at LTS. It's for others to judge the success or otherwise but few countries have an event like The Scottish Learning Festival or a national intranet like Glow. It's always a pleasure to be interviewed by Merlin. I have always admired people who are great.

On Innovation

I'm on my way to Inverness to speak to Highlands and Islands Enterprise STEM strategy group about how Glow might be used to support the teaching of science in some of Scotland's most remote areas. To my mind this is exactly the kind of need that Glow was designed to (help to) meet. Glow is not just about making lesson content available online it can also facilitate remote teaching and enable the kind of wrap around personal support that will help our young people to succeed wherever they happen to live. Anyway more of this later. I don't do a lot.