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Life and Work Post LTS

It is now 5 days since I left the ranks of the salaried public sector to become self employed. At the moment it just feels like the school holidays in the years when I was a teacher ... and I am loving it :) My plan is to take most of July to get myself organised with email, website, bank accounts etc and also to have a proper break from work after LTS. I am in the process of setting up my own website/blog  www.laurieodonnell.co.uk (currently redirected to www.ltsblogs.org.uk/laurieodonnell). Some of my post LTS portfolio is already in place and.

Leaving LTS: 11 days left and far too much still to do

It seems like only yesterday that I blogged about my decison to leave LTS to work for myself. It felt like a big step on the 25th March announcing to the world that I was moving on after 8 years. I really liked being able to blog and tweet my departure (what did we do before web 2.0?) and have been delighted with the number of friends and colleagues who have been in touch to either wish me well or check out my mental.