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Inventing the Future of Learning

Very interesting little video about Inventing the Future of Learning and the work of the Technology Enhanced Learning Research Programme .  What I like most about it is the link to research, far too often missing from any discussion of educational technology. I also like the fact that it asks questions rather than simply asserting uncritically that technology in education is a good thing. Thanks to Joe Wilson @joecar for digging this one up..

Book: Disrupting Class

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Disrupting Class"]Disrupting Class[/caption] Wearing my Futurelab Associate Director hat  I was invited to speak at the CoSN Annual Conference in Washington DC earlier in the month. I picked up one of the big themes I have pursuing for a number of year -  'Technology Push v Learning Pull' [subject of subsequent post]. I was invited to have dinner at the conference with Curtis  W Johnston one of the co-authors of 'Disrupting Class' and was impressed with the depth of his thinking on the.

Technology and the 12-24s

Interesting research commissioned by C4 on how the 12-24s use technology. Top-line stats are:
  • They personally own 8 devices (including MP3 player, PC, TV, DVD player, mobile phone, stereo, games console, and digital camera)
  • They frequently conduct over 5 activities whilst watching TV
  • 25% of them agree that “I’d rather stay at home than go on a holiday with no internet or phone access”
  • A quarter of young people interviewed text or IM (instant message) friends they are physically with at the time
  • They have on average 123 friends on their social network spaces
  • And the first thing the majority of them do.