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Visit to Singapore 2

Singapore is really quite an amazing place. A small island, 275 square miles (half the size of Fife), 85 miles north of the equator with a population of 4.5m people. Despite having no natural resources, not even its own water supply, Singapore seems to have prospered largely on the resourcefulness of its people with some help from geography of course - its location between India and China. Today Singapore is the 18th wealthiest country in the world, based on per capita GDP, has a thriving economy and is the second biggest port in.

A Visit to Singapore 1

Just a week before the Scottish Learning Festival [which looks like it's going to be a great event again] I have had the opportunity to look beyond Scotland to see how we are doing. I am aproaching the end of a visit to the Ministry of Education in Singapore and which allowed me to see round some schools and also meet with the heads of the Singapore Future Schools programme. Singapore has followed a similar pattern to Scotland. The Singapore Government ICT Masterplan 1 ran from 1997-2002 with an emphasis on infrastructure and teacher skills - not too different from our own.