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More On Innovation

Another interview with Merlin John on innovation at LTS. This time for Futurelab's online magazine. It sits well with the interview with Michael Hallisay in my previous post as a good description of what we were trying to do when I was at LTS. It's for others to judge the success or otherwise but few countries have an event like The Scottish Learning Festival or a national intranet like Glow. It's always a pleasure to be interviewed by Merlin. I have always admired people who are great.

Scottish Learning Festival 2008

Just had a couple of wonderful days in Glasgow at SLF2008. We have evolved the festival into a showcase for Scottish education over the last 9 years and I think we now have a model that works pretty well with continuous improvement built in by design. This year the focus was very much on Curriculum for Excellence and innovative classroom practice. The highlights for me this year included:
  • The Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, Fiona Hislop, responding to questions from the floor of the conference for over 30 minutes. Welcome to living in a democracy and.

Visit to Ireland

I spent a couple of days in Dublin this week with former Becta Chief Executive Owen Lynch. Owen is working with LTS to benchmark what we are doing with ICT in Scotland against the policy and strategy of other countries across the world. The Irish Government's Department of Education and Science recently published two reports the first 'ICT in Schools' is a very thorough description and evaluation from the schools inspectorate.  The second 'Investing Effectively' is the report from the ministerial strategy group which suggests that Ireland's 7 priorities for  investment 2008-13 should.


We Think The second book in my pile of books to read over the Summer was Charles Leadbeater's 'We-Think'. Charles is signed-up to be one of the keynote speakers at the LTS organised Scottish Learning Festival in September. The inside cover of the book describes Leadbeater as 'one if the world's leading authorities on innovation and creativity' so just what we need to inspire the 7,000 teachers and others who will be at SLF2008. I have enjoyed reading Leadbeater over many years and admire the way that he carefully constructs.

The Scottish Learning Festival 2008

SLF08 Keynote Speakers One of the great jobs I have in LTS is leading the Scottish Learning Festival. The event is now in it's 9th year and has evolved from being an exclusive ICT event into the major national showcase for Scottish Education. SLF2008 takes place over two days, 24 and 25 September, in Glasgow's SECC. This year the event will be opened by Cabinet Secretary Fiona Hislop and the SLF programme will feature international keynote speakers, 150 seminars and an exhibition of educational resources. The main theme of this year's.

Scottish Learning Festival 2007

Started writing this on the train home to Dundee after a great couple of days at the Scottish Learning Festival at the SECC in Glasgow. Just getting around to publishing it this afternoon.

Some highlights of SLF for me were:

Michael Fullan’s keynote on the seven secrets of school improvement. I have always liked his work and the way he is able to draw on a wealth of experience from across the world, and in particular from his native Ontario, grounds his work in reality. The key message of his work is that sustainable improvement is not only possible but that there.