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Inventing the Future of Learning

Very interesting little video about Inventing the Future of Learning and the work of the Technology Enhanced Learning Research Programme .  What I like most about it is the link to research, far too often missing from any discussion of educational technology. I also like the fact that it asks questions rather than simply asserting uncritically that technology in education is a good thing. Thanks to Joe Wilson @joecar for digging this one up..

Learning through Technology: A Strategic Perspective

ADES 1Nov12 Final.001 Last Thursday I gave the opening keynote at an event organised by the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland (ADES), supported by Education Scotland and sponsored by RM Education and Microsoft. In my keynote I tried to look beyond current projects and programmes in Scotland towards the bigger picture. I started off by suggesting that we are often too quick to select tools, techniques and technologies before we have given sufficient thought to the needs we are trying to meet. To my mind it is about separating the.

InsideLearningTechnology Ep5: Permissions may vary

Inside Learning and Technology And another Inside Learning Tecnology podcast with Matthew Boyle of Inside Learning. This is starting to become a bit of a habit and one I am really enjoying. In Episode 5: Permissions may vary we discuss new approaches to learning and teaching, why teachers should be role models as learners, the challenges of filtering internet content for schools and my plan to upgrade from my 3 year old iPhone 3GS to a shiny new iPhone5 (which was announced while we were.

Book: The Inmates are Running the Asylum – Alan Cooper

Had a busy start to 2010 -  which tends to be a good thing when you are self employed.  Already been to London three times including a week at BETT2010 and the Learning and Technology World Forum which has been great but my blog has been suffering. My aim is to do a lot better in February with a post at least once a week. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="240" caption="The Inmates are Taking Over the Asylum"]The Inmates are Taking Over the Asylum[/caption] Been reading a lot.

Technology and the 12-24s

Interesting research commissioned by C4 on how the 12-24s use technology. Top-line stats are:
  • They personally own 8 devices (including MP3 player, PC, TV, DVD player, mobile phone, stereo, games console, and digital camera)
  • They frequently conduct over 5 activities whilst watching TV
  • 25% of them agree that “I’d rather stay at home than go on a holiday with no internet or phone access”
  • A quarter of young people interviewed text or IM (instant message) friends they are physically with at the time
  • They have on average 123 friends on their social network spaces
  • And the first thing the majority of them do.

Glow in the News Again

There is an article by Melanie Reid in this morning's Times Online covering George Lucas' testimony to the US Congress. Under the headline 'The Force is with Scotland's School's intranet, says George Lucas' the articles goes on to say: 'In what must rank as one of the most heady compliments ever given to an education system, the film maker announced to members of the US House of Representatives that America should adopt Scotland's pioneering school websites as a way to improve pupil access to technology.' (:.

Stephen Heppell

Started yesterday morning by running to catch the 0636 train from Broughty Ferry to Glasgow and ended it back at Broughty Ferry station on the 1730 train from Edinburgh. Rather then feeling tired at the end of a busy day I felt full of energy and even more enthusiastic about the future of education than usual. It had been a pretty good day with lots of progress across a number of fronts - finances, documenting systems, project milestones, recruitment etc (important to get this stuff right if you want to deliver anything). I had also had a good 30 minute.

‘Edutopia’ Article for Global 6 Award

As part of the award I was asked to answer a few question for 'Edutopia' the front-end of the George Lucas Educational Foundation. Starts: O'Donnell describes the ups and downs of the Glow roll-out in his blog but his main lesson learned is about the importance of patience and good-faith collaboration: "The time it takes to take people with you is an investment for the future." Read the Q&A

How do you use the Web, or other technology, in your work?

At LTS, we use the Web for everything from publishing resources to.

Connected 20 – Glow Interview

Connected 20

I was interviewed recently on Glow by Whitelight Media for Connected 20. The questions came from our readers see below for my best attempt at answers. Viewpoint: Laurie O'Donnell

You have been quoted as saying that Glow is the most ambitious education ICT project in the world.

How are we doing so far? We are putting in place the world’s first national schools intranet, and that’s a very ambitious programme. Glow is an attempt.