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Scottish Learning Festival 2009

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="SLF"]SLF[/caption] Another really great SLF. It felt  really strange just walking around meeting people and enjoying the event without having any responsibilities. I ended up spending a lot of time catching-up with old friends and former colleagues and for a change was not dashing off to chair a session or attend a launch. Apart from the very important social and networking dimension of the event, it was a really good opportunity to find out what was new in the world of education and to be inspired. It is always hard to pick.


I have been aware of Twitter for the last couple of years - really since our then New Technologies for Learning national adviser Ewan McIntosh started to play around with it. As an infrequent blogger I decided to keep an eye on it but leave it for now. Anyway signed up for an account a few weeks ago after watching Stephen Fry on the BBC website and within a couple of days was following (and being followed by) around 50 fellow twitters. There appears to be a few people.