Charitable Giving

 UK Charitable Giving
58% of adults with a median donation of £11 per month
(NCVO/CAF 2011)

Since joining The Memory Box Network earlier in the year I have been navigating my way through the ways of working of the charitable or third sector and finding it to be a fascinating journey.

Although I have gained some private sector experience over the last four years my background is very much in the public sector. I am used to funding that tends to be a combination of core, usually covering the permanent staff and the basic running costs, plus project or programme funding which is by definition temporary and targeted.

As far as I can see funding for the charitable sector appears to be much more like the temporary funding stream of the public sector with all the uncertainty and challenges that entails in terms of always chasing funding. It may even be that charities are more like for-profit businesses than the public sector in terms of security of funding?

Anyway as part of research I came across this great resource for the charitable sector from NCVO/CAT.

Some of the highlights include:

  • 58% of adults in the UK donate to charity in a typical month
  • They donate an average of £31 per month (median is only £11 as a result of the skew caused by large donations)
  • 61% of women donate to charity compared to 56% of men
  • Women aged 45-64 are the most likely group to donate (70%)
  • Medical research was the cause supported by the largest proportion of donors (39%), followed by hospitals (26%), children (24%) and overseas (17%)
  • In terms of proportion of total amount the order is slightly different medical research (17%), religious (16%), children (11%), hospitals and overseas (10%),
  • Only 1% of donations goes to the arts

Finally, Gift Aid really matters in terms of charitable tax relief. In 2010/11 the value of Gift Aid claims in the UK increased to £1.1 billion. The value of donations was estimated at £3.8 billion (net) and £4.9 billion (gross).  So well worth ticking that box if you can.


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