The Memory Box Network

Memory Box

Scheme for people with dementia

helps to trigger memories

A new project is bringing together social media and reminiscence therapy

Great blog post in today’s Guardian by Annika Small of Nominet Trust  (the main funders of  The Memory Box Network).

Her first paragraph sets out the scale of the problem that led to the establishment of the charity by Scott Downie and Zoey McClellan:

In the UK today, there are approximately 800,000 people living with dementia and more than 6 million people who are indirectly affected by it, either by living with a dementia patient or caring for a close relative or friend who does.

Many of us have direct experience of someone we care about losing their short-term memory and have witnessed the terrible stress and anxiety that accompanies the early stages of dementia.  The Memory Box Network is a start-up tech charity that is taking one of the most effective techniques reminiscence therapy (RT) into the digital age. RT is not a cure, but by helping to spark memories can provide some welcome respite for those living with early stage and moderate dementia

I have been working with The Memory Box Network for the last few months and am really excited about the prospects for this Dundee based charity.  My prediction is that The Memory Box Network is going to be really significant over the next couple of years, so watch this space! In the meantime if you have any ideas for funding or want to get in touch please contact us @TMBNet

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